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UNITED INDIA INSURANCE OFFICERS' ASSOCIATION (UIIOA) was registered vide No.1961/MDS under Trade Union Act 1926 and established in 1978. Affiliated & Federated to THE NATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF GENERAL INSURANCE OFFICERS’ ASSOCIATIONS, (Confed) MUMBAI. • Which is an umbrella organization of Associations in all four Public Sector General Insurance Companies in India like NIAOA, NICOA, OICOA & UIIOA.
In the initial stage it was a new concept and movement was slow. It started picking up activities some time in 1987. From then onwards UIIOA had steadily established itself all over India and today on an all India basis UIIOA has emerged as a near monopoly over Membership of Officers.
After Five Check-Off Exercises conducted in 2004, 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2016 today UIIOA is the only Check-Off qualified and Majority Association in the Company commanding about 80.56% of Membership.
UIIOA's Central Working Committee Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members have toured almost all the Offices across India including Divisional Office in Srinagar, probably the one and only Association to do so.
Only Association to hold Monthly Central Working Committee Meetings to discuss on scheduled agenda openly and fortnightly Office Bearers' Meetings regularly. We also hold our Annual Central General Council Meetings (CGC) judiciously during February in various centers every year and Regional Presidents and Secretaries Conference or Central Managing Council (CMC) Meetings are held during the month of September every year.

UIIOA has been instrumental in ensuring Best Wage Revisions, Non-core Benefits, introduction of proper Promotion Policy, Transfer and Mobility Policy for Officers, Pension Scheme, Group Health Scheme and other service conditions.
UIIOA communicates to their Members of various developments regularly via Circulars, Letters, SMS, e-Mail, Whatsapp, Hike, Facebook and also on Website(www.uiioa.com).
It will be heartening to note that UIIOA has established 28 Regional Units all over India representing all Regional Offices. Since there are 2 Regional Offices at Mumbai and New Delhi, these are represented by single Unit each. Jodhpur Regional Unit is under formation.
Transparency, Democracy and Discipline have been basis of activities of UIIOA.
UIIOA does not confine the activities to caring Members’ welfare alone, but puts best efforts in serving the Public and Customers. It is proud to mention here that many views of UIIOA have been accepted and adopted by the Company, for betterment of the Company, Customers and Officers.
At UIIOA, We are committed to Think Better, Do Better and Command Better.



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